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The Mindset of Game Developers

Games have been one of the major facets of why people take up programming. Expressing yourself by creating a new world for others to play in is such a thrilling thought for those in the game developing world.  But with the myriads of games being made each year, it’s quite the challenge for these developers to really chuck their creation out there and introduce it to the community.

So what exactly is the mindset needed to create a game which can really make an uproar in this particular market?

The Mindset Needed

It is alright to fail. Ask any developer out there who is currently making a game and this is one of major things they’ll emphasize on. It’s alright to fail. Iteration is important as through this process games can be molded and polished into what the developers envision it to be. The ability to bounce back from these failures is vital to make a game not only reach its final stage, but to turn it into a fun and engaging world where players will sink hours upon hours just finishing quests and fighting big bosses.

In fact, this is particular mindset is encouraged for people who are interested in making a profession out of making games. Those who are teaching game development to middle school students found that by introducing this concept early – the mindset that failure is part of the learning process – participants have emerged with a new skillset when they leave the classroom. Skillset that are essential in their future if they wish to be game developers.

Competition in the Market

As said earlier, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of games that are being made each year. Just look at Steam, one of the leading virtual gaming platforms today. Browse through their site and see how many games are out there.

So how do these games standout among its other kin – marketing aspect aside? The answer is fun. While writing a code is a huge part in game development, over 50% in fact, it’s just one of the cornerstones which makes game rise to popularity.

Take Skyrim, for instance. The game was released in 2011 and people are still playing it today. Despite the other new games that are hitting the market, people are still coming back to play a four year old game.

Perhaps one of the major reasons that made it so popular is how the developers made the world so beautiful and engaging and fun at the same time. They made sure that their game would pull those who would play it and take hold of them for hours.

Even the simplicity of Candy Crush got thousands of people addicted to it simply because the developers nailed the fun part. And it isn’t as complex compare to role-playing games like Skyrim and other popular role-playing games and MMOs.

Taking up game development as a profession can be quite fun, especially for those who have an affinity for coding and programming. If you’re one of those people then remember what was said above. Maybe one day you’ll be a part of a team that would also release a game that would make millions of people spend countless hours upon it.

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