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Kids Can Learn Programming with Gemini Smart Robot

Children will most likely be excited when they are able to play with a robot.

But parents may jump in the chance to buy this kind of robot, also. That is because, the Gemini smart robot is just as much as a tool for educational enrichment as it was previously meant for pure amusement.

As this smart robot is programmable while educating children the essentials of computer programming as it is equipped with a graphical programming tool mBlockly, which relies on Google Blockly. The company Makeblock has established a Kickstarter effort for the Gemini robot.

As of November 11th, the organization has received figures amounting to $18,000 toward its goal of $100,000 with 43 days to go.

The Gemini smart robot can race, play music, dancing, change voices as well as fight, while being controlled by three methods — movement-route control, gravity control and route following — via an Android or iOS-supported smartphone or tablet PC program as well as an easy wireless connection.

Having a built in LED panel children write messages may also create emojis or draw using the Gemini program for the robot that is smart to conspicuously display their work.

But Gemini’s power to educate children while they play with it, more than anything, could be the difference in getting parents to plop down the $99 it requires to bring the smart robot house for christmas via Makeblock’s early bird special.

“mBlockly is a graphical programming tool developed based on Google Blockly, which uses same programming style as Scratch,” Makeblock describes on its Kickstarter page. “This type of programming language is popular in teaching place. Using mBlockly will move the kids to understand programming, inspire them to create, and assist them to learn more on the subject of STALK.”

The Gemini robot might just be the tool for kids to get them interested with programming in the future. Parents will definitely love their kids spending time with it rather than playing online games.

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