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Computer Programmer: A Ludicrous Profession for Those on Top

Computer programmers are one of today’s highest paid professionals. Given that we are living in the age where technological progress is at full throttle, it isn’t that surprising. But how much do these individuals in this industry actually makes?

If you’re someone who’s still ambivalent whether or not you’re going to pursue a career in computer programming, the numbers below might make up your mind.

The Reward

It’s more than just the difficult road to be a skilled programmer that deters people from learning how to code, for some it’s the reward that comes at the end. You can’t just say “the knowledge you gain is reward enough”. That may encourage some people. But others may just shrugged it off and continue honing their mastery of the skill they’ve already developed.

So what’s in it for people who are going to learn how to be a programmer?  What’s the incentive? High salary, for one.

It’s still unclear the exact number of what a computer programmer makes. There are a lot of factors including an individual’s skillset, their job description and role in the company, and the location from where they’re currently working.

For instance, a computer programmer in Colorado has a lower salary compare to those working in Silicon Valley where the cost of living is a factor, not to mention the place is a hub where high tech companies are sprouting and growing.

Differing Numbers

Janet Miller, a high-tech recruiting pro who belongs to a national network of recruiters said that companies requiring government work from cleared developers pay the highest. Miller found a software architect position which pays $130,000 annually. The position is in the financial industry at a national consulting firm which compels the chosen candidate to travel.

These differing numbers are also fluctuating base on who’s conducting the survey. states that the top quarter of computer programmers average $79,000 annually and $121,348 for a senior software engineer. has a number of $109,000 for computer programmers/developers, while has $136,000 for software engineers.

One of the Big Game Hunters

These wages are indeed quite the encouragement for people who are thinking of pursuing this line of work. However, the numbers above pales in comparison to one of this profession’s big game hunters.

Enter Sergey Aleynikov, the 40 year old programmer working for the Goldman Sach Group Inc. You might have heard of him in the news as he’s currently facing trial regarding his illegal downloading of codes of Goldman Sach’s, which he intends, according to reports, to take with him to Teza Technologies, the company that goaded him out of Goldman Sach.

Aleynikov’s salary at Goldman Sach stood at $400,000 annually. I know what you’re thinking, why would he leave right? Well, you would too if Teza Tech triple your current salary. Yes, that’s $1.2 million yearly. Quite the jaw-dropper, wouldn’t you say?

Aleynikov is perhaps one of the highest paid computer programmers out there. But there are still others who choose not to step into the spotlight. Coders for the Russian Mafias and illegal gambling might be receiving similar salary as Aleynikov, though we don’t know for sure as these organizations are quite privy to their business operations. The only thing we know is that there are companies out there that are willing to pay individuals millions of dollars if it means you can code for them better than anyone else.

One thought on “Computer Programmer: A Ludicrous Profession for Those on Top

  1. Including people who are employed by illegal organizations in foreign countries is hardly a useful statistic. Why should this be a deciding factor in whether or not someone decides to learn to program?

    I can think of many far easier ways to “earn” $400,000 illegally than investing countless years in learning something as complex as computer programming.

    If I were your editor, I would have cut the last paragraph in its entirety. The rest of the article was decent and truthful.

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