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There are a lot of web programmer blogs, and this is just one of those which struggle to provide help and advice, as well as the occasional rant regarding programming for the web. We do not have all the solutions, but we will try to present different viewpoints about these topics.

This website is from a website programmer’s viewpoint, and we hope that the thoughts, ideas and sentiments posted in this blog could be of use by other web owners, administrators, developers, designers, as well as by the general public.

The truth is that for a web programmer, we live in interesting times. There has been an explosion of technologies, platforms, languages, form factors, and delivery systems. This is the best time to be a web programmer. If you want to learn new technologies, you will be forced to. If you like gadgets, there are tons of them, with easy access to programming tools. Here, we will point you to resources, and share new ideas that you can use immediately.

The web is about sharing and this is just one website where we aim to share and learn collaboratively. Do read and comment on the articles. Like them, follow the website, and share the blog posts on social media. Sooner or later, everyone will have their own website, and this site can help others realize that.

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